Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Big Three..

Perfect steel grey chalkboards, Michael McGuire's Pen and Ink Drawings and Vintage Surfing Photographs from the birth of that era in 1940's California.  I think we're destined to be buried with all three areas represented.  Morbid but true.  LOL

The credenza is sold

The Worlds Best Chair!

The most special chairs we've had the honor of showing at Scout - Matt Ovel designed and built - these hand-tooled, hand buffed and hand waxed and hand caressed:  just the best damn chairs I've ever seen (and, I see a lot!)  Thanks Bladon Conor for sending Matt our way, and for believing in our interest and ability to "assist" young furniture and accessory artisans get themselves grounded and known.  Bladon, our paths will continue to cross.  Thanks for caring.

Everything you'll wnt to know about the process of buildling this chair can be found at this artists blog where he carefully chronicled this journey as lovingly as he built the chairs!  Each chair is signed - because you'll want to know it is an original Matt Ovel masterpiece 60 years from now.  But, for today, all you have to do it just look at this chair, sit on it, and admire the vision that it took to create it.  Enjoy: 

 I love this guy, and I love this distinctive piece of furniture.  It takes first prize in eliciting more "talk" while in the window than any other window in our short but harried 7 year history.

$1,400 per chair - only three in existence - our two, and Matt's personal version that he watches like a hawk.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Tank Desk Alternative

Ok, I think this desk is a true find.  Great brown steel drawer fronts, perfectly "not too white, and not too creamy" colored laminate top.  Great button drawer pulls - doesn't it kind of look like a nicely tailored blazer?  (There's a thought, furniture as gads, I'm too tired to figure that one out...)

Anyway, it is the perfect anecdote to the big tank desk that nobody can seem to find room for in their home, much less get anyone to help them pick the damn thing up.  

I'm at home penning this so I don't have the size, but it's the right size, I assure you.


Do you want that on the rocks?

This Great Shot Makes Me Happy

Every once in a while, our wonderful photographer - Meike - turns her lens onto a group of items that really represents the best of our store.  The shot most certainly features some great and diverse materials, clean lines, great proportions and some pretty nifty items that you wouldn't normally see in such an unusual combination.  That's what Scout is all about.  A little bit country, a little bit rock-and-roll.  Formal and informal.  The usual and unusual.  We try to make you smile and swoon at the same time.  Tell me if this shot doesn't do all that?  Enjoy.

Artist Steven Green

Artist Steven Green's charcoal masterpiece - big and bold and special. 

Titled Gotham - framed 46" x 68"


Stainless steel,stripped metal and black leather....

A 25 year old Trinity Stainless Steel Cabinet paired with a handstripped set of 8 metal David Rowland Chairs (yes, hard to believe they look so incredible) paired with a set of 5 black leather suitcases from the Johnston's Linen Company in Medina, NY. 
Life is indeed better in pairs.

"Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I got a bad case of loving you..."

From a doctors office in Lake Bluff, this black leather bench is paired with Ted Harris' tennis ball scooping up device, filled with great light bulbs, ready to hang above your small kitchen table in that wonderful nook you have - most likely in your Evanston or Hyde Park Vintage Condo.  'Nuff said.

Ted Harris Hanging Lamp (or use it on a table if you're a bit rebellious) - $425

I wanna lay down and watch the game on this couch...

Officially, on the price tag we describe this couch as:  an even arm tuxedo sofa (we stole some of the language from an identical couch on 1st dibs, with a $8400 price tag).  Circa 1960's, with loose back cushions with a thick ribbed velour upholstery with chrome/iron legs.  (Here's where the copy gets good..) It evokes designs of Probber and Charles Pfister for Knoll.

Here's how we officially describe it to our customers who linger over it  - a fricking amazing vintage couch priced to surprise - $1295.

Very special.

88" x 34" x24" high all around

Monday, December 19, 2011

Assorted ebony bowls and plates

Every year, we collect great vintage bowls, trays and boxes that are made of superior hard woods.  We throw them into a large bin, and save them until the holildays.  A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, we lock Ted Harris - our lamp man extroidinaire - into a dark room, give him some candles and a change of clothes and we ask him nicely to lacquer everything perfectly - quick, like a bunny - and, presto.  We have the ideal gift for the holidays.  A lovely keepsake, serving piece, hostess/host gift of dare we say "something for yourself".  A gift with elegance, a soul, and a surprisingly good price tag.  Come see the collection - from $5-$95.  And, by the way, you can come out now, Ted!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Perfect Solution To Desk Clutter

This desk topper is the best one I've ever found, and Furniture Revival performed some magic on it to bring it back to life in top form.  Both the top middle and the side right doors open to reveal wonderful "cubbies" and shelves, designed to store even the most "hard to give anything away" persons' items.  No fooling!

The piece is made in what I've come to describe as "cabin wood" - which in the 40's was most often birch or pine of very high quality, that has been lacquered and waxed over and over again - to reveal the wonderful patina we so enjoy today. Use it on top of any desk or dresser or cabinet to give you another layer of storage that will also make the whole room smile.  Isn't that a nice thought?


More Drawers in Varied Materials

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Scout Customer Favorite

Probably no single item has garnered as much demand or attention as that expressed for this kind of mid-century wall bookshelf and desk.  Take a good look and it isn't hard to figure out why.

First is the incredible functionality in such a little package. Thin, hugging the wall, and not too tall or wide, this piece can feel right at home in almost any room of the house.  The fold down desk is a feature that was taken for granted back in the 50's and 60's, but is fully appreciated in today's world for all the benefits it offers.  (Let me count the ways...)  And, finally but not least is the neutral styling and heavy-duty wood choices that gives you the confidence the piece will compliment almost any other wood tone in the house, but that it will look as smart and contemporary today as it did 40 years ago.  (This version is a tiger wood laminate that tells you it is not going to show up in the neighbors house - this is a unique, limited quantity item..)

The biggest challenge for us is finding more of this wonderful "miracle worker" for our expanding list of those that want to know when another comes in.  (By the way, just call the store or stop by and tell us your "wish" - in terms of a specific pieces you're looking for - and, we'll do our best to match you up with our inventory just as it comes across the threshold.  Plus, it gives us an excuse to stay in touch. We call.  We really do!)

This one sold within a day.  Sorry!


Wine Bottle Cabinet All the Way From Evanston

We have develo[ed some great relationships in the trades over the years, and while they always prove helpful, this time we really benefited directly:  A wonderful carpenter who built a ton of hand built cabinets for a new kitchen in Evanston needed an outlet to sell some used cabinetry.In the years since this carpenter built the cabinets, the house  found itself a casualty of the bad real estate market - the house was slated for  demolition.  Not so fast - before the house goes, the goal was to get out as many of the kitchen cabinets as you can, and find them a good stable second home.  Enter Scout.

Our carpenter friend felt that Scout would respect the pieces he designed and built, and that we'd find new owners who would appreciate all the special work that went in to these pieces.  The best of the lot is a large wine storage "bookshelf" - in a solid maple wood.  So heavy, it takes almost 3 guys to move it any length, and the only thing that looks better than the pieture ablove and below is the same picture taken when the cabinet is filled with wine bottles.  Great size, value and quality.  And, the light finish goes anywhere.  I'll drink to that!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Bling

Coming from an expected source - a vintage stainless ice bucket.  And, from some unexpected places - like these thermos liners made of mercury glass.  When Ted makes his oh-so-popular thermos lamps, he needs to drill into the thermos for the electical guts.  Before drilling, he carefully removes the mercury lining, and we cleverly add it to our dining table for a bit of holiday bling. 

$45 and the thermos liners are $5 each

What does one do with vintage beaver fur?

Make them into lamps, you silly goose.  Ted Harris has invented the perfect bedroom lamp for the bedroom that thinks it has it all.  This lamp pair measures 31" high, is paired with soft and elegant linen shades that pick up on the subtle color of the fur.  Soft and cuddly they aren't, but comforting and restful is a label they'll easily wear.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to you.

Old Guard: Meet the New Guard!

I found the lamp on the left while on a "dinner trip" to see my Son in Columbus, Ohio.  Having lived in Chicago since I left college, I someimes am a bit envious of other cites and what they have to offer.  Columbus is such a city.  The German Village area for living, dining and shopping is as good as it gets anywhere.  And, with all due modesty, I've seen a lot.  The spirit and the scale and the vitality makes it very easy to come visit my Son. (Although he can't wait to get back to Chicago...go figure.)

The lamp on the right is one of Ted Harris' creations - a vent from the top of a roof attic.  Carefully and beautifully re-imagined.  Ted's work always amazes me.  And, makes me glad he came into the shop five years ago complaining about the lack of lighting.  So much has changed since those days, and much of it is due to the imagination of Ted.

$195 and $325

Scout on a window sash table