Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Worlds Best Chair!

The most special chairs we've had the honor of showing at Scout - Matt Ovel designed and built - these hand-tooled, hand buffed and hand waxed and hand caressed:  just the best damn chairs I've ever seen (and, I see a lot!)  Thanks Bladon Conor for sending Matt our way, and for believing in our interest and ability to "assist" young furniture and accessory artisans get themselves grounded and known.  Bladon, our paths will continue to cross.  Thanks for caring.

Everything you'll wnt to know about the process of buildling this chair can be found at this artists blog where he carefully chronicled this journey as lovingly as he built the chairs!  Each chair is signed - because you'll want to know it is an original Matt Ovel masterpiece 60 years from now.  But, for today, all you have to do it just look at this chair, sit on it, and admire the vision that it took to create it.  Enjoy: 

 I love this guy, and I love this distinctive piece of furniture.  It takes first prize in eliciting more "talk" while in the window than any other window in our short but harried 7 year history.

$1,400 per chair - only three in existence - our two, and Matt's personal version that he watches like a hawk.

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  1. Hey - I sat next to that guy in studio! :) Indeed, it is an excellent chair. I am glad it is making its way into the world. Congratulations, Matt.