Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Stylish Urban Cabinet


I call this stylish because you won't find one more simply designed, or richly finished - with adjustable shelves and a slender sillouette.  I believe it to be urban because it is just right for the city aesthetic and for the "not very much room for anything in this room" rooms of our lovely Chicago.  The only question is why isn't someone making THIS and selling it for the needy and weary furniture shopper. The many mysteries of life. 

A Classic Interpretation of a Totally Modern Birdhouse

I've long admired the architecture of the vintage birdhouses.  This is a perfect example of how this quiet yet consistent craft turns out functional birdhouses that pass as sculpture.  Bravo to this unnamed artist for making us all smile.  And, for giving our little creatures a fancy new address.  Step right up, and add this all white birdhouse to your yards' largest tree.  (The roof tops on this particular birdhouse are aluminum siding, conveniently eliminating the need for yearly painting - and, you'd never know unless I tipped you off.  Here's to Spring in Chicago!!

Round Verde Marble Table Table

The only thing that could have made this verde marble table any better was adding a nicely rounded iron base and to keep the price under $750.  Eh gads, we were able to do both. 

Stripped Steel Drawers

This nicely proportioned table-topper sold minutes after bringing it in the front door, so I won't talk any more about how perfect this damn thing was.  Or is, at least for the new owner!  Enjoy.