Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barrister Bookcase

Once upon a time, before the Internet, paperwork was kept in triplicate.  Perhaps this was in a government office holding secrets, or in a patent office waiting for Edison?  Made out of sleek steel in the USA, this barrister bookcase has the feel of a tidy tank.  The four glass doors allow you to see your books and vignettes, while protecting the contents.  Fireproof, from the great state of Minnesota.

35" x 10 1/2' x 67" high


Herman Miller Credenza

Oh, Herman, are you a millworker or a poet?  This solid walnut beauty has incredible lines, six drawers, and a clean profile.  It's the perfect height for a flat-screen television and combination dresser for the bedroom.  Perhaps it could hold court in your office? The bottom drawers were made to house hanging files.

56 1/2 " x 20 1/4" x 29 1/4" high


Haywood Wakefield Dresser

What a lovely dresser!  The solid maple has been stripped and refinished to a magically smooth finish, a wonderful make-under for a deserving piece. Come see us, and run your hands along the grain!

35" x 18" x 38 1/2" high

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Perfect Black Dining Table

A totally reborn walnut table from westside manufacturing company - this stunner is a "companion" to the earlier post of the pure walnut version.  The table has a lovely ebony luster, and has slightly brassy metal feet and a stretcher in between the legs for stability.  Can be used in a dining setting or as a large desk.  It doesn't come any better than this.

90" x 42" x 30" high


Elegant Tambour Door Console

This walnut beauty just came back from the refinisher and looks stunning in person.  The walnut grain has a nice variegated tone - and, as is often the case, when light hits the wood at night, it almost feels like it glows from within.  Ahhh, another reason to embrace age, right?  The three drawers in the middle are complimented by the side cabinets which are revealed when the tambour doors are pulled back.  We love this look, but can't find enough of it out there.  But, at least for today, we have this piece front and center in the window.  Stop by and enjoy our spring-like weather.

66" x 19" x 32" high

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Haywood Wakefield "Gentleman's Dresser" - or Hi-Boy

This solid maple piece from Haywood Wakefield is the ultimate combination of functional and beauty.  With hard-to-find tambor doors on top, hiding spacious drawers and cabinet space, this ebonized lacquered piece is ideal for a bedroom or study, with a not-too-high silhouette.  We have so many requests for a piece like this, come see it this weekend.  It is a good reason to get out and enjoy this upcoming Sunday melt!

41" x 20.5" deep x 46" high


Ebonized Credenza/Console/Dresser

Your choice, as this wonderfully constructed piece from American of Martinsville has it all.  Drawers, cabinets, and wide open storage.  The line is elegant yet unpretentious.  The ebony finish allows it to be added to most rooms with ease.  Nice city-sized proportions.

63" x 20" x 32" high


Ten Foot Rustic Bookshelf

This lovely white pine shelf came from a summer home in Northwest Indiana.  Great shape, clean lined, fantastic for storage - note the round support beams.  Do I hear, "where can we put the flat screen tv"?  Question is answered!  Did I hear "10 feet?"  Yes!

124" x 14" deep at deepest point - which is at the bottom x 41" tall


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Modest Work Table

In just the right colors, this low to the floor tool bench has what it takes to carry that flat screen tv, or to serve as a lovely entry way cabinet, or to just reside anywhere looking like you didn't really think too hard, but we know you did.  Unpretentious but special.  That's the best combination. 

57" x 22" x 29"


The Perfect Dining Table

Salvaged from a west side manufacturing company, this wonderful walnut mid-century table was restored beyond my wildest expectations by Dan Snyder, Garth Borovicka and their incredible team of talented artisans at Furniture Revival!   (We're so damn proud and happy that you're on our team!)  This table has it all, including a veneer pattern that is perfect, a panel leg combination that is perfect, a size that is perfect and a hue and tone that is perfection.  All adding up to a perfect table.  Did I say perfect?  Look for more pieces from this grouping including consoles and bookcases.  We're also doing the same table in ebony.

7' x 42" x 29.5"


Marble Side Tables

A smart pair of tan marble side tables - great clean lines, with strong bones - in the style of Dunbar.  (I wish I had the same lines and bones!)  The walnut base has a nice neutral quality about it, and the height is 25" high - a nice height to add to the side of a chair or sofa.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  One is nice, two is special.

30" in diameter x 25.5" high. 

Vintage Herman Miller Chairs

Pair of incredible Herman Miller - tagged on bottom - commercial chairs with a blue velvet covering you have to see to believe.  Chrome is in great condition, with no breaks and clean and svelte as can be.  They're not just for the office anymore!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Lights - Scout's Window Scenery

Yep, that's a bike made entirely from wonderful walnut, front and center in our Friday night window.  Made lovingly by Seth Deysach.  Check him out at  Amazing.

Scenery 2.4

Scenery 2.4

Blue Metal Bin/Cabinet

Does it get any better?  I had to put it in the window.  Shameless, I know. 


Scenery 2.4

Travertine Cube

This is a great find - a cube of unblemished terrazzo stone.  Measuring 42" x 42" x 20" high.  A classic shape in a classic form, well-suited to any decor.  A real signature piece for any home.  Functional and beautiful.

New Ted Harris Lamps

An assortment of some of Ted Harris' best lamps he's ever brought in.  Ted, you keep raising the bar, and then you effortlessly jump over it.  From $225 - $595

White Enameled Washing Machine Basins - Make Wonderful Planters

I am so proud of these basins.  Just the right size, just the right color, just the right shape, just right!  Finally, a great place to keep your boxwood safe and warm during the winter months.  And, when spring rolls around, you'll have to take them outside - right in these lovely planters.  Comes with the stand. 

22" in diameter x 15" high

Set of Four Warren McArthur Chairs

From our friends at Flor come these wonderful Warren McArthur Chairs.  Nuff said.  (Thanks, Chip!)

Classic Doll House

In general, most of my close friends would say I am not a "doll house" kinda guy.  Well, there is room for some surprises in life, right?  This homemade, handmade house has a functional garage door - of course, and back stairs and iron stair rails.  And, look at the wood on the right side of the house.  (Hello, my name is Larry and I am  a closet doll house lover.  I am what I am...)