Friday, July 22, 2011


What do these items have in common?  A cohesive palette, a combination of fragility and strength.  Bring home what you love, and let the conversations begin. 

Wooden Swivel Chairs

These chairs swivel, they adjust, and they provide a good lean.  Keep those feet on the floor, young man!  They would be great at a dining room table, especially if you have folks of different heights.  We demonstrated this in the store the other day, with a Dad over six feet tall and his little girl, age 3.

Adjustable, and refreshingly low-tech: 16"-23" high


"The devil is in the details" has given credit to many a pursuit.  We're not sure whom to thank  -- Mies van der Rohe, Flaubert, or an anonymous source.  We do think they'd like this composition of lines and forms: just enough symmetry to soothe, just enough panache to grace your home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maple Dining Table

This 10' table is solid maple with a staggered pattern as seen below  - completely rebuilt and reinforced on all sides.  Think of it as a complete renovation of a classic brownstone.  Ebonized pipe legs - 6 in total - are removable for easy maneuverability.  The finish is softly glazed for a bit of sophistication.  Use it as a long desk, dining or work table.  The clean lines and simple silhouette is a nice fit with all decorating styles. We can make it 36" high with a simple change in the legs.  This is another fine restoration from the best in the business - Furniture Revival.  Everything they touch is perfectly reborn.  They are both artisans and technicians.  And, we're glad they are working with us.  Thanks, Folks!!

10' 7" x  31" x 30 high

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wooden School Chairs

Yes, these are really Catholic school chairs.  Steel bases and wood backs and seats -- just the color of a ruler, don't you think?


Kitchen Cabinet

Storage, storage, storage!  For those people not blessed with built-ins or a butler's pantry, may we offer up this spectacular piece?  It has a lovely patina, original hardware, and do you see the bin on the right side?  It pulls out, and would be perfect for blankets...or wheat, of course.

5 feet wide X 8 feet tall

Glass Jars

These amber vessels would be great in a kitchen, home office, or laboratory for that budding scientist in your home. Fill them with chamomile tea, office supplies, or wildflowers.  Simple beauty.

$12 - $18 each

Oak Desk

Sometimes all you need is a sturdy flat surface and a place to sit down. This vintage oak desk has great lines, four drawers, and easily fits into an entryway or guest room.  It's a little bit Mission, a little bit old school.

36" wide x 26" deep x 30" high

Farm Table

It's summertime, and thoughts go to simpler times.  Shelling peas on the porch, canning peaches, watching the corn grow.  Well, not for us in the city, but this would make a wonderful place to make a dinner for friends after a trip to the farmer's market.  This rustic dining table has beautiful large planks and turned legs.  Eight chairs fit comfortably, and you could add two more at either end.

92 1/2 " long x 35 1/2" wide x 30" high

Bocci Balls

These make me think of afternoons in the park, quiet refined men in contemplation, and limoncello.  These can grace your table, lawn, or tableau.  We have them on sod right now, awaiting your turn.