Wednesday, April 27, 2011

University of Chicago Lab Cabinets

We have three of these lab cabinets left.  All steel, all function, all durable and all perfect.  They won't last at $395 a piece. 

35" across x 16" deep x 47" high

The Perfect Leather Chair

Too often these rolled-arm leather chairs are so big, you can't easily add them to city homes.  We'll we found the perfect alternative - the compact leather chair, with a nicely worn leather covering.  Great shape, great size and great price.  Come see if in person!  God, that sounds so much like a salesman, doesn't it?  But, it is a wonderful chair...LOL

33" x 33" x 38" high

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry - Smart Home

As many of you already know, Scout was priviledged and honored to have been asked to furnish this years' Smart Home at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.  Check online for more info at (This is a model of the home that sits in our window right now...)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

This HUGE store clock was used outside a retail store, somewhere - most likely Northwest Indiana.  The size and scale is cool, the color is perfect and the patina is richly used.  We're going to see if we can't get the clock working again, but in the meantime, this deserves your attention, even if it doesn't do anything but look great. 

31" across x 38" high x 11" deep double sided!!

Side Tables

A pair of modest but cool burled maple 60's side tables.  Use them at the end of a couch, or at bedside.  Either way, you can't loose.  And, the inside has a wonderful drawer with elegant handles.  Simple and oh-so elegant.  Dress them up or down, you make the call.  And, at $195 a piece, a smart call it is sure to be.

26" long x 20" deep x 21" high

Black Lacquered Dresser or Console or Cabinet or...

Nice touch, Meike!  She's the photographer who comes in late at night and shoots our new items so I can put them up on the blog.  Nice touch with the black and white, but can you see all the detail in this dresser?  I don't think so.  So, sit tight and we'll figure out how to get the drawer detail to you, because it has to be seen to be appreciated.  A lovely maple 3 drawer dresser was stripped to the raw wood, and relacquered for optimal durability.  We were the first to do "ebonizing" of pieces here in our category of retail, and we're the best at it 6 years later.  How's that for being a bit cocky!!

42" long x 19" deep x 33" high


Here fishy, fishy!

Since we opened 6 years ago, we've sold 5 - count 'em - FIVE full-sized swordfish and/or sailfish.  (I say "and/or" because I really don't have a clue as to what makes one a swordfish versus a sailfish, but I guess if I thought about it long enough, I'd figure it out...but, I have so many other things to think about...LOL)

The gentleman who is responsible for all these wonderful fish on our walls is Ron Eng, who owns Precision Sign.  You got, it - our signmaker loves to do this in his spare time.  When I say, "do this" I mean, take old fish and beautifully reconstruct them and paint them like the pro he is.  It is truly a labor of love.  So, here's to you Ron, for one hellava SCOUT sign outside, and one heckava school of fish inside.  We love you for it.

Full size swordfish - almost 9 feet long
head-coming-out-of-the-wall version - almost 55" long, but doesn't feel that way because of how it come-out-of-the-wall!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

This green beauty came to us by way of Waukegan.  It has forty-three cubbies, a drawer, a ledge with peek-a-boo doors, and two additional storage spots.  The back still has the slot for mail (oh, when we all used to look forward to real mail) and the lovely typography that says "letters."  This would be perfect as a desk organizer, or for love letters, of course.